Dance Club “Malvina” 

Four times Grand Prix Russian Open Dance Group Festival Winner (2002, 2004, 2006 and 2009)

Successful, creative, versatile, dance group.
Adult group (18 – 25 y.o.), medium aged group (15-17 y.o.) 5 young groups (6-14 y.o.)

Huge experience of dancing in Russia and abroad, since 1994.
Abroad – Finland, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, South Korea, Greece
Russia – more than 80 cities from Severomorsk to Togliatti.
Moscow – SCKH “Russia” (more than 10 performances), Luzhniki, Kremlin, night and disco clubs.
Saint-Petersburg – Grand Hotel “Europe” (3 performances), The Mariinskiy Theatre, The Aleksandriiskiy Theatre.

Brand new dance show every year.
Its 15 shows already performed, including more than 100 compositions.
New dance show:
“Club mix” – impactor mixture of salsa, lindy hop and swing.
“Brilliantine” – spectacular rock-n-rolling mini-show (10 min) based on the actions of the same named musical and film.
“Office” – unforgettable dance miniature (15 min) based on the actions of the “Business Affair” movie.
“Rhapsody” – marvelous poppuri of European dances (5 min). “Salsa” - incendiary Latin-American dance.
“Metel” – charming, romantic dance, created on a popular song of Alla Pugacheva.
And as usual, this year, inimitable dancing of younger groups.

Expensive, gorgeous, modern costumes.
Costumes are made in famous and modern ateliers of Europe and Russia, based on exclusive sketches of designers, only for dancers of our club. The cheapest female costume costs 1000 euro.

Modern, popular dance styles and directions.
For a very long time we dance Latin-American and European dances. For last 5 years we expanding our show experience with dancing salsa, lindy hop, boogie woogie, Argentine tango. Now we started creating our own female professional brasilian carnival style show-ballet.

We are able to work by contract for 6 months and more.

+7 921 723 4954 director, Andrey Serditov.